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» Ranks & Prefixes - As the name says. Purchase a rank for our CraftBlock server and purchase prefix changes when you'd like to change your [prefix].

» Essentials - A wide selection of different perks. "Cosmetics" when you don't want to alter gameplay, Tokens when you'd like to up your unique enchanted items, quick.

» Crates - Packages that relates to Crates. This list will grow soon, stay tuned!

» Donate - When you don't want to purchase anything but you'd stil like to support CraftBlock!


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» If you'd like to suggest more packages, please do so @ http://craftblock.me/suggest 

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Disclaimer: The monthly goal on the sidebar is the exact server bill we pay every month. In no way do the owners, staff, or anyone else make a profit off of CraftBlock. Every purchase, donation, etc goes directly to our community of servers to provide a better, more enjoyable experience for the players


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